Call for papers

Abstracts should be written in English and should be submitted via Abstract submission form.
Presentation type of our WG can be oral (preferably) or poster.
All abstracts will be evaluated for acceptance by the Scientific Committee and authors will notified in due time whether their abstract has been accepted.
Registration of at least one of the authors of the abstract is a prerequisite for the inclusion of the abstract in the scientific program and the book of abstracts.

Oral presentations
• All presentations will be in English. Oral presentations will about 15 min + 5 minutes’ discussion.
• The Scientific Committee may suggest other type of presentations, such as a panel discussion, including presentations from invited speakers.
• Only PC data projection will be available during the meeting.
• Each room will be provided with a laptop with the latest updated version of MS OFFICE.
• The use of personal laptops is technically not possible. The organizers will delete the presentations after the session/meeting; no presentations will be kept for further distribution without permission.
• Speakers are kindly requested to handle their presentation to the technician at the conference corner as early as possible during the Seminar and check its operation.
Power Point presentation is the preferred means of presentation and should be transferred via USB memory stick.
• For your presentation please prepare slides which details will be clear and readable from far way (font > 20 pts)
• Poster dimensions will be maximum 90 cm wide and 120 cm high.
• Poster content should be well organized for clear presentation.
• Use font size and pictures/graphs that can comfortably be read from a distance of 1.5-2.0 meters and minimize text.

HOTEL KOLOVARE has 6 halls for conferences, seminars and meetings with necessary technical equipment (flipchart with paper and markers, LCD projector, screen, overhead projector, sound system, wireless microphone) and provides printing, scanning and use of PCs, telephone and photocopying as well as free wireless Internet access in all areas of the hotel.

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